Cloud Benefits for Competitive Advantage in Small and Medium Businesses

In addition to saving money for the company, cloud enables companies to move quickly, innovate faster, and outpace the growth of their competitors.

Can you fill in the blank? 70%+ of small and midsize businesses (SMBs) that implemented (blank) say their top expected benefits were met or exceeded. If you said, “cloud services,” you’re right.

IDC published a survey of small and midsize businesses in April 2017 and found:

  • 73% of US small businesses use cloud vs. 93% of midsize businesses.
  • Fast-growing firms (10%+ annual revenue growth) use cloud-based software apps, IaaS, and on-premise private cloud 2-16% more than slower-growing firms.
  • Top cloud applications currently used by SMBs included (in descending order): collaboration, CRM, ecommerce, social media analytics, business analytics, and ERP.
  • Top cloud applications planned for future use (next 12 months) by SMBs included (descending): business analytics, social media analytics, planning/coordination with partners or suppliers, CRM, collaboration, and ERP.

Increasingly, we are in a connected world. The back-office status of ERP systems has transformed and extended to the internet to enable self-service and collaboration with employees, vendors, and customers. Furthermore, analytics is used extensively in consumer sentiment, marketing effectiveness, eCommerce, and business intelligence.

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