Operational Reporting for ECC
Powered by HANA and SAP Analytics Cloud

Corporate executives want immediate insights into their business. They want interactive visualizations that add meaning to tabular data. However, migrating to the latest system to support that experience, such as S/4HANA, might be a long way off in your technology roadmap.

For SAP customers running ECC 6, the wait is over. With SAP’s new offering of Operational Reporting for ECC, you can take advantage of HANA and SAP Analytics Cloud at a fraction of the time and cost of a HANA migration. There is no disruption to your current landscape.

In a matter of weeks, Crosstek will prepare your architecture, satisfy security requirements, implement Smart Data Integration and 26 prebuilt templates for Operational Reporting.

Operational Reporting for ECC is the marriage of HANA and SAP Analytics Cloud, knocking down barriers that prevent companies from moving to HANA. Give your executives interactive visualizations to help them draw immediate insights into their business. Contact Crosstek and Fast Forward to Awesome!

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