SAP Assurance Program

Crosstek’s SAP Assurance Program maximizes the value SAP clients receive from their SAP landscape. We combine decades of SAP implementation, migration, and production support experience, HANA certifications, and managed services experience to augment your team with senior consultants who have a world of experience. Rest assured that with Crosstek’s SAP Assurance Program, your SAP or SAP HANA platform and the infrastructure supporting it is one you can depend on, grow with, and deliver the performance for great business results every day and night.

Environment Management

Environment Management helps businesses collaborate and integrate change management processes across the enterprise to deliver operational excellence. It can integrate project and operational calendars, proactively identifying risks before they impact the business. By implementing Environment Management, businesses increase stakeholder engagement and reduce risk, while improving quality and lowering costs.

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Cost Assessment

Complex licensing, technology advancements, and the support matrix between internal and a variety of managed services, create hidden costs and missed opportunities. Crosstek’s SAP Cost Assessment provides an in-depth review that identifies licensing concerns, hardware efficiencies, and support options to reduce costs and maximize resources.

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Cloud Readiness Assessment

The benefits of cloud computing are well known. However, migrating to the cloud requires careful planning to ensure you’re getting the best value, and service to meet your ROI expectations. Your cloud strategy should consider critical issues such as organization design, the composition of the selection and design team, application migration priorities, team skills, training, infrastructure best practices, and procedures for change control.

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Health Check

Gain insight quickly into the health of your SAP systems. Crosstek offers standardized health checks as well as tailored options for targeted concerns. Our holistic approach goes beyond the application level, taking into account the entire technology stack including database, security, operating system, infrastructure, and IT operations.

  • Maintain optimal SAP system performance
  • Support proactive maintenance to prevent outages
  • Diagnose performance problems, intermittent issues and outages


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