Building a Business Case for SAP IT Operations Analytics vs. Monitoring Applications

SAP IT Operations Analytics (SAP ITOA) represents a paradigm shift in how we manage, monitor, plan, and optimize IT operations. The solution applies analytic concepts, previously available only to the lines of business, to IT operations. At its core, SAP ITOA is an Industrial IoT solution capable of bringing in Master Data and operational data from across all IT layers, core to edge.

As with many disruptive technologies, defining the business case can be a challenge. SAP ITOA is no different in this regard, but there is substantial upside to making the case. This whitepaper shares best practices and insights learned over 12 months of research, speaking with customers, building use cases, and implementing the solution. As the title suggests, the author also takes a close look at the benefits of SAP ITOA over traditional monitoring.

From this whitepaper you will learn about:

  • Significant differences between ITOA and Monitoring Applications
  • Tools and strategies for evaluating and justifying SAP ITOA
  • Best practices for maximizing payback with SAP ITOA

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